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D&D Player Guide: How To Be A Better Player

Whether or not you’re a new player making sure you are doing good, or an experienced player looking to improve. There is something for everyone in this game. It is for that reason, why I am writing this D&D player guide to help people become better. In short, a good player for Dungeons & Dragons is one who is present, supportive, and knows how to have fun no matter what happens in the game.

Be Present

If nothing else, the most important part of my D&D player guide is to be present. I cannot tell you the number of times everyone is in the heat of battle as a massive red dragon breathes fiery doom upon all of us and we are desperately trying to survive shouting tactics back and forth. Really feeling like we are about to die; when suddenly a phone goes off and a player takes a call during our most epic battle ever. It’s a mood killer and is what I talk about when I say be present. When you agree to play, prepare to settle down and listen to your Dungeon Master and fellow players. Don’t be on your phone or wander off when it is not your turn unless it’s for the game.

The reason is, by doing other things while the game continues, it distracts people from appreciating the unique moments that will give you stories that will last a life time. My favorite example, we entered a tavern where the bartender was described with a limp. Something that was a tiny detail that probably was nothing big, but because we were listening to the story unfold, one of us asked him “why the limp?” Well, to make the story short his name was Bertrand and he was totally awesome. Like off the chains, and three sessions later we are infiltrating a gang that has kidnapped his daughter and getting all the free drinks we want.

D&D Player Tips

Accept some nights you roll well and others not.

Ever just had a day where nothing is going your way? You try to help a little child find his mom. Instead, you end the night actually killing the mom on accident and now the child hates your guts? A few bad rolls in the game greatly changes the story of your game so own up to bad rolls and try not to let them bring you down as these rolls make for great story moments in a game and cause hilarious things to happen. For instance, in the same campaign mentioned above, my 6’9 massive Half-Orc Barbarian with the highest constitution in the game had a drinking contest with our 3’4 sickly frail gnome thinking for sure I was going to win.

Well, needless to say, that did not happen. Completely drunk, I roamed the town causing mayhem. Meanwhile, our child looking friendly gnome is stone-cold sober trying to prevent my arrest. It is to this day one of my fondest moments ever due to the absolute absurdity of it all. It’s moments like these that make Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeons and Dragons, as without these moments of poor roles and great roles the story unfolds into the most unique stories. So, don’t fret the bad roles, just include that into your story.

D&D Player Tips

Be the HYPE-man

There is nothing as satisfying as killing the monster that has thoroughly trashed your party. Like I mean your tank is down, support is gone, and it comes down to you to save your friends from almost certain doom. As you land the killing blow and hear the final screams from the villain be surpassed by the roars from your friends cheering you on for saving the day is some of the sweetest moments you will ever feel in any combat encounter.

Now imagine this same situation where you kill the boss and hear his final screams of agony and no one cheers for you killing them. It’s still cool, but nowhere near as glorious; and it is for this reason why the third-best trait to make a good player in my D&D player guide, is “be the hype-man.” Being the hype-man is focusing more on making sure you’re not the only one being awesome but everyone is. Because if you’re the only one being the hype then why does anyone care to play with you when all they are going to feel is disappointment in themselves. So, by being awesome and making sure others feel great about their awesome moments you create a better playing experience that rewards you with more memorable moments. Making this my favorite D&D player tip.

Work with your Dungeon Master

Your Dungeon Master is your guide, storyteller, and the god of the world, so be friendly to them. Usually, it’s best to let them know how appreciative you are of all their hard work as there is a lot of work that goes into creating the backstory of the world and trying to plan for your party’s choices. As such be sure to tell your DM what you like in the adventures. This way they can provide more encounters that better match what everyone wants. Moreover, just showing thanks toward the Dungeon Master greatly helps improve the overall feel. Good ways to do this are providing snacks for the party. The best way through, show up on time, prepared for the adventures so the DM can go straight into the story without having to worry if you are not prepared.

Being prepared can go a long way as many DMs have burned out being the dungeon master. The biggest reason? They spend the first hour making sure everyone’s prepared. Especially when everyone else in the group wants to play, and Danny the new guy must leave in 2 hours exactly or else he will be late for a date. This forces your DM to spend the first-hour helping people catch up and now have to rush the story to make sure SOME PEOPLE are not late to their date! We get it Danny you’re a smooth player no need to rub it in… Anywho, you should also think about this. If the god of your story likes you a lot, they tend to reward you After all, a happy Dungeon Master, makes for lots of treasure. If you want to make sure you are prepared check my article here.

My Final Tip In My D&D Player Guide – Just Have Fun!

While being present is the most important aspect for anyone being a good player, having fun is the best aspect to try and be in a player as if you’re having fun you are more likely to be invested in the story and with the group meaning the rest of these should follow. After all, this is only a game, where the point of a game is to have fun! You have read many stories that I have told on epic battles, hilarious moments, and absurd circumstances, but truth be told that’s because when I play Dungeons and Dragons, I love it for the stories that I create with friends that allow me to reminisce about it in later days. That said, what is great about the game is that  

Its’ fun isn’t limited to one kind of way the game can be played to match however you want to.  For instance, some people love to create awesome and powerful builds that can decimate the enemy. Others love playing a variety of characters with different nuances and personalities to match circumstances. It’s for that reason why there is so much variety in the game and why doesn’t matter who you are or how you play this game will have something for you! Just try to come in with a great attitude and a mindset for fun.

So that’s the five tips I have to suggest to transform you from a good player to a great player in my player guide! I hope you enjoyed the article and hey, keep on rolling. You can find out more here.

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