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Time Ravage 5e: Broken or Pointless?

Time Ravage 5e: 9th-level necromancy

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 90 feet

Components: V, S, M (an hourglass filled with diamond dust worth at least 5,000 GP, which the spell consumes)

Duration: Instantaneous

Time Ravage 5e: You target a creature you can see within range, putting its physical form through rapid aging. The target must make a Constitution saving throw, taking 10d12 necrotic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. If the save fails, the target also ages to the point where it has only 30 days left before it dies of old age. In this aged state, the target has disadvantage on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws, and its walking speed is halved. Only the Wish spell or Greater Restoration cast with a 9th-level spell slot can end these effects and restore the target to its previous age.

Spell Lists. Chronurgy Wizard

Time Ravage

Broken or Pointless? 

That is the question. 

To which I say, the spell is pointlessly broken.

As in, Time Ravage is completely bonkers on certain enemies, but completely useless the other times.

So, without further adieu, let’s go over Time Ravage, pro’s, con’s, and all.


  1. Prevents all forms of resurrection after death
  2. Chronurgist’s level 14 abilities
  3. Hard to remove

Prevents all forms of resurrection after death

I give you the only spell that can permanently kill an enemy. 

Now you might be asking, “what about spells like Power Word Kill?

While these do kill the enemies, this does not permanently kill any enemy.

The reason why is due to spells like true resurrection and revivify. 

These spells allow for anyone who has ever existed to be revived as long as they are willing…

Unless they died of old age.

Time is the ultimate killer, and Chronurgist wizards are masters of time.

As a result, it is the only spell to prevent all forms of resurrection and permanently killing any BBEG’s.

Making this a solid pro as it accomplishes something no other spell can do.

Chronurgist’s level 14 abilities

This is not part of the spell.

But dang, is it a solid boon to spells like this. 

For that reason, this is one of the biggest pluses to the spell. 

Usually, if a spell requires a constitution saving throw to take effect, it gets a pretty negative penalty to its capabilities.

However, chronurgist have an ability that lets any saving throw be exactly one below the required amount to pass or exactly one above the needed amount to pass.

This means any spell that has a save will automatically take effect.

Which with time ravage, is absolutely bonkers.

As a result, this spell gets a serious bonus for its effectiveness.

Just make sure they have used up their legendary resistances first.

Hard to remove

Finally, we have the after-effects of the spell. 

30 days is a long time, but if the person you cast it on can’t cast wish or greater restoration at 9th level, then they need allies who can.

Which with proper planning, can be prevented. 

For instance, you can trap them for 30 days in a dimension with no access, restrain him and keep them under watch for the next 30 days, or even a simple rapid aging technique given to creatures like sphinxes.

Think of it much like the death penalty for someone.

They are sentenced to die but have a certain amount of time to live.

With these kinds of strategies, you can make sure that any non-immortal die permanently with no chance of being resurrected.

But that is not all.

Even if you cast this then kill them before they die of old age, if they are revived, they are revived at the age they were when they died. 

Meaning that they will still only have 30 days to live before they permanently die if revived.

Creating a significant debuff on the enemy even if revived. 

Making time ravage the best perma-kill spell in dnd.

Time Ravage 5e Con’s

  1. Does Not affect everyone
  2. Expensive to cast
  3. Long time to recover

Does not affect everyone

Now that we have gone over how bonkers the spell is, let’s go over why this spell can be completely useless as well.

The main reason why is some people are completely immune to the spell.

For example, Gods, Devils, Celestials, demons, liches, even Monks are unaffected by this spell. 

Which can account for a good chunk of late-game enemies.

As a result, this spell works best on those trying to reach that level of being rather than those already there.

Making this a powerful spell but useless on certain enemies.

Expensive to cast

This spell is designed for specific targets. 

You are definitely not using this on anyone in any situation.

As a result, cost becomes a big factor.

For instance, in Fortune’s Favor, there is a pretty expensive spell cost.

Which, while not great, is mitigated as the spell can be useful from level 3 all the way to level 20.

However, since this targets one person for specific situations, buying it over something more easily usable (such as heroes’ feast) is not great.

Therefore, the “hourglass filled with diamond dust worth at least 5,000 GP, that the spell consumes” is a huge expense that makes your ability to cast this spell even less likely to happen.

Long time to recover

The final of the big downsides to time ravage for 5e is its recovery time.

While mentioned in pro’s that it is hard for an enemy to remove the effect, the spell still gives ample time for an enemy to find a way around it.

After all, think of how much a dnd session can accomplish in a week’s time. 

Now give an NPC 4 times that length.

Unless the enemy is kept in check that entire time, any opponent you deem fit to cast a 9th level spell at with 5000gp will find a solution.


  1. Ensure someone stays dead
  2. Weaken an enemy
  3. Blackmail

Ensure someone stays dead

Now that you know the big pros and cons of the spell, it is time to talk about applications for the spell.

The biggest one has already been talked about, and that is to perma-kill a very dangerous enemy. 

While not useful for everyone, still can have serious implications for a story.

Not much more to say on that.

Weaken an enemy

The next use is weakening an enemy.

Though not mentioned in the pros, time ravage has a pretty nice boon to the spell.

After all, forcing an enemy to make all rolls at disadvantage and dealing 10d12 necrotic damage to them can be pretty big in a fight.

Do note that this only affects targets you can age, so this effect will still not affect immortal enemies.


One of the evil or chaotic players’ favorite shenanigans.

Blackmail can get you so far in D&D, at the price of your morality and reputation.

Still, this does not stop a lot of players from using this resource, and time ravage can be a great way to blackmail someone.

Cast this spell on the target and you have an obedient slave for the next 30 days until you cure them, or let them die (up to your character after all).

They can get you access to wherever you needed, or give you the information you need.

All it takes is a decent persuasion check and a target worth 5000gp and you have yourself a great servant.

While probably not the most efficient way to use this spell, it is still a really fun way to use this spell that when done changes the state of your campaign’s story usually.

Time Ravage 5e Conclusion

There you have it! 

Time ravage for 5e in all its glory.

This spell is downright busted in certain situations, but useless every other time.

Therefore, this is a spell I would not take as my first choice.

After all, wish will forever be first, but I would consider this being a second or third option for any caster who can have it.

The time it works is just that powerful

If you like this one, I highly recommend learning more about spells like time ravage that the chronurgust wizard has. 

My personal favorite is Fortune’s Favor, but Sapping Sting also has some great utility most casters will love to have.

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