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Review on Wizard of the Tavern’s Patreon

Some of you might have noticed that a new button appeared on Wizard of the Tavern that says Patreon

Well, that’s because I have a Patreon! 

So, I decided this would be the best compromise. With generous readers like you helping to support my website I can do more cool and exciting stuff. (Like creating youtube videos on my content for those who are more visual learners.)

So, this article is one, to bring attention to the account. Two, to go over the rewards and why I think they are good.

Tier 1 ($1.00)

The first tier is Tier 1 adventurers. These people commit a dollar to go and help support my blog.

Their benefits are the ability to read my content a week before I post it on my website.

The early content feature seems like a cool benefit for 1 dollar a month as you can now be the first to see the math and analysis I do on classes, abilities, and spells before anyone else. 

Nothing much but perfect for the beginning adventurer. 

But adventurers also have an influence on the world around them. 

As such, I also gave them the ability to vote in polls on what kind of content I will be creating. For example, if you have been dying to see a Paladin subclass analysis. Then if you subscribe to my Wizard of the Tavern Patreon (for only $1 a month) then you can vote for it and get a review on one!

I really like the idea as it allows you to interact with me and I can better serve my content to what you are looking for. After all, every time I write one of these I really want to make sure it is helpful to you above anything else.

Tier 2 ($5.00)

That said, that is not all a Patreon subscriber can get!

For only $5 a month, you will not only get all previous rewards but also access to exclusive DnD posts that will be released to the Wizard of the Tavern Patreon.

These will include articles going over the math to my charts, as well as the occasional link to a google excel sheet. That way, you can customize my graphs to fit your needs and campaigns.

I thought it was the best way to show appreciation to those who are willing to sacrifice more of your hard-earned money to help out my blog.

This way you not only help shape what is released, but also gain access to something unique. As well as getting to see the behind the scenes math and in-depth analysis on all the numbers that I didn’t get chance to talk about in my other posts.

Tier 3 ($10.00) 

Finally, we have my last tier. Now, I had originally wanted to do 4 tiers (one for each tier in dungeons and dragons), but I could not think of anything else that provides valuable content for you. So, I decided to make it 3 tiers instead.

The big takeaway from this is being able to take a hands-on approach to making my website. 

Tier 3 allows you to be able to see all rough drafts I am working on and review it. You can make comments on a rating and discuss it with me. Then figure out which one is right and adjust to match.

Tier 3 is really for those who love my content and want to make sure that it’s the best.

Of course, this tier is also limited to only 15 people. More than that and I feel like there will be “too many cooks in the kitchen”. Which could ultimately hurt the website rather than help.

Wizard of the Tavern Conclusion

Well, there is a review of my Patreon. Now, this is a brand new thing for me, so I figured I would explain my thought process.

That said, let me know in the comments what you think about the tiers and a Patreon. Should I actually do it? Or do product reviews? And if I should do patreon let me know if you agree with the rewards for the tiers, or if you want to see something different.

As always, I wish you an absolutely wonderful day! And, be sure to follow me on the wizard of the tavern Patreon to receive all the benefits mentioned above.

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