Wizard Of The Tavern


My name is Nick Begovich an avid Dungeons and Dragons player for over 7 years, and a recent graduate from college for Finance and Marketing. Sadly there was no role playing major to take. This is actually my first website so I love hearing from my visitors so I can continue to provide valuable and fun content that everyone can enjoy.

I have been a Dungeon Master for several campaigns for both Home Brews and Adventures League. I have played, created and researched enough characters to fill a planet. Which I have used to flesh out my Home Brew Universe, haha.

That said, when writing these blog posts my favorite class is the wizard and as such I might have a little bit of a bias for them. I will do my best to keep my bias to a minimum as each class brings unique and cool aspects that fit every player.

Also, if you ever want advice or to talk to someone about ideas or a mechanic you are confused about, call me at (336) 899-4142 or email me at Ac@wizardofthetavern.com. I will be more than happy to talk to you.

I wish you fun in reading this website and even a grander time playing the game!


Nick Begovich

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